The Low Carb Universe

The Low Carb Universe AB (LLC) aims to arrange international low carb events in Europe. We present both well-known profiles and new stars who spread knowledge about different aspects of the low-carb lifestyle. Our events are interactive with a mix of lectures and workshops to make it possible to dig deeper into interesting subjects and learn from each other. We encourage discussion and interaction outside the schedule to make our events extra rewarding for both lecturers and guests, which is why we only sell full event tickets, including food and accommodation.
The Low Carb Universe
The Low Carb Universe2018/02/25 @ 12:00
Considering joining us for KetoLadies or LCU18 this year?

Are you wondering what it's all about? To give you a feeling, watch this:
The Low Carb Universe
The Low Carb Universe
The core values of The Low Carb Universe. Join us in Mallorca in November! Get your ticket here:
2018/02/24 @ 16:24
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NutriAvans2018/02/23 @ 6:08
Jösses, så kul det är att podda 😃Det hörs ganska tydligt i det senaste avsnittet av Hannas och min podcast 😜I detta avsnitt pratar vi platåer: vad de kan bero på och vad man kan göra.

Kickstarta din fredag HÄR:
2018/02/23 @ 3:42
Welcome to our 4th episode of The Low Carb Universe Show! Plateaus, stalls and being in a rut: why, how and what? How can you break a stall? Hormones vs calories. Tracking - friend or foe? Menopause. And it's gravity (you'll understand if you listen..)
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2018/02/16 @ 14:01
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